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Little Linksters: The First Tee Little Linksters class is an introduction to The First Tee Life Skills Experience; it provides a fun and safe environment that creates curiosity about the game of golf.

PLAYer (ages 7-9, and 10+): The PLAYer level is the first level into The First Tee certification program no matter the golf skill ability or age of the participant. Participants are introduced to playing the game of golf while learning The First Tee Code of Conduct, The First Tee Nine Core Values, appreciating the rules and etiquette of the sport, and developing a young person’s golf skills. Once a participant completes at least 3 PLAYer sessions, is at least 9 years old, and has completed all other certification requirements, they can move up into the PAR level.

Advanced PLAYer (ages 10+): This class is open to participants ages 10+ who have previously participated in a PLAYer level class. The advanced PLAYer level class is designed to progress participants into the PAR level by the end of the season. This class will combine life skills and golf skills from both the PLAYer and PAR levels.

PAR: The First Tee Par Life Skills class is open to PLAYer certified participants ages 9+. PAR level curriculum builds from the 9 core values to Interpersonal Skills and Self Management skills such as finding your personal par, staying cool, and respecting the rules to name a few. In addition the Par level focuses on additional golf fundamentals such as body balance, club face and ball contact and swing rhythm.

Little Linksters classes: $80

player and par classes: $110

Sibling discounts of 15% are available when you pay with cash or check.